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And the Waiting Begins… Let’s Build a House

IMG_5572_Fotorf                                                                                                                        Our Future Home

Waiting Mode

The idea of building our next home still feels like a dream. Especially since we’re in that waiting mode — the one that’s so hard for some of us (me) because it requires patience. We’re waiting to close on our lot; we’re waiting to finalize the floor plan; we’re waiting for the next meeting with the builder…we’re waiting…

I really never expected to be given this opportunity. When my husband and I met, he was working as a carpenter for a homebuilder. Because of some of his experiences as a carpenter, he’s always been quick to say that he didn’t think that building a home would be worth the headaches involved. It’s true; there are so many things to think about. (Where are the Property Brothers when I need them?) Things I’ve never given much thought are now running through my head. Do I like windows with or without panes? Why are there so many ugly colors of brick? (No offense intended.) How big does the kitchen island really need to be? Which is better painted or stained cabinets? And on and on and on…

Many people including our realtor suggested the best way to begin this process is for both of us to make “must haves” and “no way” lists. My hubby wasn’t too keen on the idea because he likes to mull things over in his mind. Lists just aren’t part of his thinking mode. Eventually, after many discussions we started our lists. My list includes items that might be considered design related – lots of windows, a big pantry and a soaker tub in the master bath. Even though my husband said that he really didn’t have any must haves, it soon became apparent that he really has quiet a few. His list is more building related and includes the type of insulation, the size of the studs and where the utilities etc. will be placed.

My Must Haves

  • lots of windows
  • walk in pantry
  • fireplace
  • big porch
  • large closet in the master, but not in the bath
  • bench in master shower
  • soaker tub in master
  • deck/patio
  • interesting oven vent or decorative cabinet above stove
  • built-in microwave, but not above stove
  • lots of storage
  • semi open floor plan
  • entry or foyer

His Must Haves

  • Crown molding in family room, kitchen and dining
  • Porches
  • lots of electrical outlets
  • full sprinklers
  • high ceilings
  • place to park motorhome
  • area for dog run
  • driveway and garages on the side
  • workshop area
  • highly rated windows
  • 2 X 6 studs
  • High-Density Cellulose Insulation
  • corner fireplace

Our No Way List

  • two-story
  • outside doors in bedrooms (his)
  • extremely large master baths (we want to utilize space as much as possible)
  • white brick
  • high maintenance
  • skylights (his)
  • no formal dining (?)

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Living in my Dreams or Let’s Build a House

Phase Three

For the last several years, my husband and I have looked for our next home — our “phase three” home. (I’m borrowing “phase three” from the TV show Soul Man. Maybe I’ll write about those phases some other time.) We’ve looked at many areas within the Dallas/Fort Worth area; but we just couldn’t find an area that seemed to say, “You’re Home” to us. Part of the problem was that I had always thought we’d retire to a nice cabin in the mountains of New Mexico or Colorado. We often discussed the logistics and difficulties of living even further from our son and daughter. Then, our first grandson was born and we quickly knew that being further away from that wonderful little being wasn’t happening. This feeling only intensified as the next two baby boys entered our lives. Deep down though I still wanted our next home to reflect my dream of living in the mountains next to a stream or lake.

We’ve planned our lives (as much as possible) so we could retire early enough to enjoy this period of life together. We hope to have many, many years to enjoy our next home –a home that we want to have space for our family, grandsons and our hobbies. We decided to look on the outskirts of the metro area – maybe even close to a lake. One day on, I stumbled across a small privately owned lake close to DFW. On impulse, we drove out to look at the area and we both immediately felt we’d found the area for our next home.

Over the next few months, we began looking at the available homes. The first homes we looked at would have been perfect for a Property Brothers episode; however, we weren’t sure we could pull off such a remodel on our own. Since Drew and Jonathan weren’t likely to film in our area; we began looking at homes that were closer to move-in ready. There were several fabulous homes available; but they just didn’t fit our lives and/or our budget. The price point seemed to keep going up; yet we’d still have projects to complete on all the homes.

Let’s Build a House

Finally, my husband said that he thought it would be easier to just build. Inside, I was jumping up and down screaming “Yes, Yes, Yes!”. However after all our years together, I knew that over zealous enthusiasm could scare him away from the idea. I simply and quietly stated that I agreed that building might work.

Anyone, who knows me, knows I watch a lot of HGTV. I watch reruns of the reruns. Decorating and remodeling our home is one of my favorite pastimes. Luckily, I seem to have a knack for it; so it hasn’t created too many problems. For years, I dreamed about building our “Dream Home”; but really never expect to have the chance. Of course, my mind hasn’t slowed down since we made the decision. So many possibilities become available when you decide to build…

My husband is one of those people who needs to mull over decisions for a period of time (sometimes a long period of time); so I’m fairly sure my husband thought on this for many months before bringing up the idea. He’s contemplated over and over many of his concerns already. For once his decision process works for me because we’re proceeding onward toward building our next home. We have a contract on the lot we found and have met with the builder. I think we may be living in my dreams.