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Things to Consider When Building a House – – The Kitchen (Continued)

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Things to Consider For a New Kitchen (Continued)

We’re getting very close to finalizing the floor plan and the elevation drawing will be finished soon. I trying to be patient because I know the planning is so very important.  As I mentioned in my last post; I’ve been trying to make sure that we are prepared as much as possible when the building does begin. I’ve researched the Internet, read blogs and asked those who’ve already built a home. I want to make sure that we consider everything that we need to before we start building; so that there are few delays. I don’t want to have anyone waiting on us because we re unsure about what we want or need.

In my post “Things to Consider When Building a House – – The Kitchen”, I posted some of my favorite photos from and a list of items that I want to consider for our new kitchen. You can find that post here. These additional suggestions came from friends and family. (A big thanks to everyone who shared their suggestions with me.)

  • Lazy susans in corner cabinets (upper and lower)
  • Microwave over the cook-top or built-in to cabinets — so it doesn’t take up counter space.
  • Flip out cabinet front at the sink to store dish scrubbing materials,
  • Sliders in lower cabinets especially pots pans and cookware
  • Extra large window over the sink if you have a great outdoor view
  • Utility garage for small appliances
  • Double oven
  • Cabinets with partitions about 3-4 inches apart for cake pans, cookie sheets, cooking racks
  • Cabinets that go to the ceiling because you gain an extra foot all around
  • Bookcase built under the overhang of the bar or island  for cookbooks.
  • Extra wide drawers with dividers that you decide how to partition off (configure)
  • One drawer deeper than the rest (mine was at the bottom) for lunch bags, foil, etc.
  • Plugs in the pantry

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I’ve added a few more of my favorite ideas from Houzz.  You can click on the picture to enlarge it and to go to my Houzz idea books.

Examples of shelves on the end of the island

Built-in microwave

Great pantry organization

A pullout cabinet for trash and recycling

Cabinets with pullouts designed for exactly what you need

Corner drawers to utilize wasted space

A special place for the dog bowls

(I like this idea, but I think I might move it to the laundry room.)


Do you have anything you’d add or do you see something on the list that you found wasn’t really important when you built (or remodeled)?


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