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Things to Consider When Building a House – – The Kitchen

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Things to Consider For a New Kitchen

Since we’re still waiting on the elevation drawings; I’ve been trying to make sure that we are prepared as much as possible when the building does begin. I’ve researched the Internet, read blogs and asked those who’ve already built a home. I want to make sure that we consider everything that we need to before we start building; so that there are few delays. I don’t want to have anyone waiting on us because we re unsure about what we want or need.


Here are a few of my favorite ideas from Houzz.  You can click on the picture to enlarge it and to go to my Houzz idea books.

Kitchen – Items to Consider

Built in microwave

Custom shelves and a place to plug-in appliances in pantry

Custom storage organization in kitchen drawers

Put cabinets/drawers on both sides of the island

While they are not easy to get to, they are good for storing seldom used items.

Easy-access place to store frequently used appliances

I found a great forum over at Many people have contributed to a great list of things to consider when building. I organized those items and a few others I’ve found into a spreadsheet.  Here’s the list I’ve put together of things we need to consider for our new kitchen.

      • Built in paper towel holder
      • Copper tubing for your ice maker from the freezer and until it’s out of the kitchen wall
      • Drawer microwave
      • Knife drawer
      • Pantry door on swivel
      • Pantry entrance near both kitchen and garage
      • Pantry light on motion sensor
      • Place to hang hand towels & aprons
      • Plugs under the cabinets or a pull up strip – to keep the backsplash clear
      • Plugs above cabinets for Christmas lighting
      • Pull-out garbage/recycling/laundry (for dirty dish towels/napkins/bibs!)
      • Paper towel holder in drawer slot
      • Recess the fridge
      • Set up for both gas and electric appliances 
      • Two soap pumps at sink (one for hand soap, one for dish soap) 
      • Under cabinet lighting in your kitchen, because those areas do get dark–makes a huge difference when prepping your food.
      • Warming drawer


I’m hoping for feedback on this list. Do you have anything you’d add or do you see something on the list that you found wasn’t really important when you built (or remodeled)?


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